Prana Tree Therapies

Some Medical Conditions will need Confirmation from your Doctor prior to having a Treatment, that you are able to receive a Complementary Therapy Treatment.

The following Conditions should be checked out with your Doctor, prior to booking a Complementary Therapy Treatment. I have attached a link to a letter which can be printed off & used to ask your Doctor to complete for you & bring along to the first Complementary Therapy Treatment you have with me.
If you have :-
High Blood Pressure
Low Blood Pressure
Heart Problems
Suffered a Stroke
A history of Thrombosis or Embolism
Are in the Early Stages of Pregnancy
Had a recent operation
Any Nervous System Conditions – ie :- Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease & Motor Neurone Disease
Please check with your Doctor first (Just to be on the safe side) that you are able to receive Complementary Therapies.

Click on the link provided to see a sample of the form      Sample Form  

Click on the link provided to open the file for you to print    Printable Form